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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Australia Day 3 - Melbourne

Day 3 in Melbourne was a free day, so since I had seen most of the city on day 2, I signed up for another optional tour of The Great Ocean Road. Near Melbourne, they have something similar to California’s Pacific Coast Highway, which is a roadway cut into the cliffs along the coast, which gives spectacular views of the Ocean, and scenery near the coastline.

We started off down to the town of Torquay, which apparently Australia’s Surfing capital. We had late morning tea time, and then went down to Bells Beach, which is the Surfer hang out, and watched the surfers wipe out in the water.

We traveled along the road for most of the day, stopping at sandy beaches, and shear cliffs, visiting the coastal towns of Anglesea, Lorne, and Wye River. We stopped at Cape Patton Lookout, and it is amazing to see how the power of ocean water can carve into solid rock over decades. We stopped for lunch at the town of Apollo Bay, and since I wasn’t hungry, I wandered around the town, and bumped into friends and we went down to walk around on the beach.

The next stop, was a place they call The Twelve Apostles. It is an area, where the water has carved into the cliffs, and eventually has worn away portions of the cliffs, so that towers of rock are standing alone on the beaches after being worn away, and surrounded by the water.

We also visited a place they call “London Bridge”, and natural bridge created by the pounding surf. The story goes, that part of the bridge fell down, creating an island outcropping, and when it happened a man and women were out on the tip and stranded there. They had to be rescued by helicopter, and the story made all the local newspapers, when it was discovered that the couple were married….. to other people! We had a great tour guide, and he knew quite a bit about the area, and similar stories, so it was great tour. I took a bunch of pictures, which I’ll post on my photo web page once I get back to the US.

Tomorrow, we fly off to the Alice Springs, in the Outback. Stay Tuned!


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