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Friday, June 01, 2007

Gasoline May Go To $4.00 A Gallon..... YAY!

Did you hear the news? Many experts expect gasoline to average $4.00 per gallon by this summer. Isn't that GREAT? What? You don't like high gas prices? Are you thinking that nobody should like high gas prices? Maybe Tom is crazy to want higher gas prices? Yeah, I'm crazy all right.... Crazy like a fox.

Ya see, way way back when, oh around the year 2000, right after George W. Bush got elected the first time, I was watching this news program on TV. I don't remember which program, or the the exact title, of the story, but it was something like "Oil And The Administration". I don't want to go into heavy detail about the whole thing, but I remember the central theme was, The Bush Administration is up to it's eyeballs in oil.

They said.... "George Bush is a former Oil Man, Dick Cheney is a former Oil Man, The Energy Secretary is a former Oil Man, Condoleza Rich sits on the Board of Directors of Chevron Oil Company" JEEEZ...... So I said to myself, "Gee, I wonder what industry is going to do well under this Administration? Hummmm..... Let me think...... Ummmmmm The Oil Industry, Maybe?

I remember when the commercial came on, I jumped up, and literally RAN over the computer, dumped most of my current holdings in that semiconductor company I owned, and invested thousands.... and thousands..... and thousands..... and thousands (Did I Mention thousands) of dollars in the biggest Oil Company on the planet..... Exxon Mobil Oil Company.

So, just as an FYI, in the year 2000 when I originally bought it, Exxon Mobil (XOM) was selling for about $40.00 per share. Wanna know what it is today? Go Look: $84.00 when I just looked. Pretty sweet huh? More than doubling my money in 7 years. I'd say +100% return on investment is a pretty good showing, since that's a little over +14% per year. Remind me, what are Bank Savings Accounts paying on interest these days? 1% per year? Less?

Of course at the time, I didn't count on ole George W. starting 2 wars in the Middle East. That was just lucky. What? Does that sound callous? Maybe so, but don't blame me, I voted for the other guy..... twice. You people put him in there, and sent him back there again, not me, so if you wanna blame somebody, blame yourself . I'm simply taking advantage of the situation someone else created. And I'm not sorry about raking in all that cash, not one bit. Besides, I served my country as a member of the United States Marine Corps for 6 years. How about you?

Anyway, since ole George W. and Congress for that matter, seems content to continue things as they are, I expect that I will continue to feather my nest egg for at least the rest of this Administration, and let me tell you something else. If ole George W. does what I'm expecting, or John McCain wins, and goes ahead with his "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" plan, if you think paying $4.00 per gallon is bad, just wait until you're paying around $10.00 per gallon.

Of course, if that happens, I just might end up becoming a Millionaire. Poor me :-)


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