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Friday, October 21, 2005

Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place Like Home

My next door neighbor is selling their house, and moving out, and BOY am I happy. It's not that they aren't very nice people, but about a year ago, they decided to get this little rat dog for their son, and apparently, the son has gotten tired, or bored with it, so they leave it outside most of the time. This poor dog is obviously suffering from separation anxiety, since it barks.... no, I mean, Yaps it head off CONSTANTLY, at all hours of the day and night. I guess I don't understand why people get pets, if they don't want to accept the multi-year responsibility that goes with it, or at least, rescue the poor animal from it's existence, and give it to the animal shelter, so they can find someone who wants it. OK, OK, rant and rave is done.

The real reason that I'm happy they're selling their house is..... the asking price. See, they way developers build houses around here in Az, is, the developer buys a piece of land, then their architect designs multiple "Models" of houses that fit the plots. There are also multiple upgrades, and changes that can be made to the models, to make them different from the other models. Some of these developments, can exceed 500 houses, or more. Dell Webb (The Sun City Guy), even purchased land North of Phoenix, and is planning to eventually put down 5,000 houses. That development is now big enough to be classified as "The Town" of Anthem. My developer, in contrast, purchased a piece of land, that turned into 60 houses. We still got a bunch of different models, because the developer was finishing another development nearby, and just reused those 7 Models, ranging from 1100 sq ft, to more then 3,000 sq ft.

Anyway, it just so happens that my original next door neighbor purchased the same model as mine, the 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1314 sq ft 2 Car Garage, 1 story model. Fortunately, they also decided to select one of the other 3 front fa├žade's that were available, so the front of their house looks different then mine. It also seems like they did not invest in as many upgrades as I did, and also, my house sits on the corner property. The point that I'm getting to, is that my house would most certainly sell for more then theirs. The reason this makes me so happy, is that the price they are asking for their house is..... $300K!

I thought there must be some mistake, since when I refinanced my home ~ 2 years ago, the appraisal was $151K. The thing is, as many of you who live outside the "Valley Of The Sun" Phoenix area may not know, is that the housing market has been exploding here, the past few years. Still..... it seemed over priced to me, until the wife mentioned that they had refinanced this past June, and at that time, their appraisal was..... $240K!

HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE...... Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle, kick, Turn Spin. Did I already mention that my house was "Better" then theirs? HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE..... Boogie Woogie, Boogie Oogie Oogie..... Did I remember to say, That My plot was better too? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA, Oh I'm so Happy, I'm so Happy. Wanna hear the best part? I was talking to one of the "Potential Buyers" last weekend. Turns out, he buys houses, as investment properties, and then rents them out..... To Arizona State University Co-Eds. He says that "Women Take Better Care Of His Houses". Hummmmm, wouldn't that be sexual housing discrimination?


I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)


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