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Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm Leaving..... On A Jet Plane.....

Guess where I am right now??? Kalispell........ Where? Yeah, that's what I said too. Kalispell is a fairly small town in Montana, ~ 30 miles south of the Canadian border! What the HECK am I doing up here??? Oh..... You know, I guess I just got "tired" of all that BEAUTIFUL 80deg Phoenix weather, and decided to go hang out in the snow..... again. The last time I had this "temporary snow insanity", I ended up for a week, in Boston :-)

Seriously, I'm up here for a week of training, on business, and it's beginning to appear, that I may be finished with my business a day early. Soooooo, since the expenses are already arranged, and paid for, and it would be SUCH a hassle, not to mention expense, to change the airplane tickets, I may have to end up staying that extra last day..... SIGH.....BTW, which way did you say it was, to the "Big Mountain" ski resort :-)

Anyway, some First Impressions.....

Man, Big Sky, is beautiful country. What isn't covered by mountains, all seems to be covered with either forest, or farmland. Picture Postcard views from the air, when I flew in.

The airport runway at Kalispell, must be short. Our Jet Pilot, must have needed to hit the beginning of the runway, because the final approach was a steep 45deg bank, with "nose down", and although I've flown allot, this was the first time EVER, that I thought, just for a second..... just for a second..... that we were going to freaking crash..... And if you've never had that feeling, trust me, you don't want it. (Whew)

The Hotel is very old style. Lots of wood, antiques, and thick cushions. I kind of prefer that to the more modern looking, brand new, Hampton Inn down the street.

Kalispell may not be a "One Horse Town", though I'm certain there must not be more then a half dozen horses around here someplace........ They also have several stoplights.....

To be con't......


Blogger Emma Atrophy said...

sounds great, i like your blog :)

March 14, 2005 7:57 PM  
Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I'm not sure where that town is but having been to western Montana several times before, I can say it is really beautiful country. I also spent a couple weeks canoeing the wild and scenic section of the upper Missouri River there from Fort Benning to a bridge 150 miles east of there. Beautiful!

March 15, 2005 6:50 AM  

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