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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Australia Day 6 - Outback – Ayers Rock (Uluru) Part 2

Today, we went back to Uluru, to do the 2 hiking trails around the rock. Since it had rained yesterday, and early this morning, the climbing path to the top was closed due to slippery rock. Looking up at the climb, I’m not sure that I would have done it anyway, since the incline appeared to be steep, in excess of 15 deg angle, and there was a chain rail imbedded in the rock to pull yourself up, so it wouldn’t have been an easy climb to begin with.

The day was slightly overcast, with occasional breaks in the clouds to let the sun through, but the rain mostly stayed away today. One very good thing about the overcast clouds, is that it kept the temperatures very cool, and mostly kept the flies away. One thing I did not mention, is that this area around Uluru has a high infestation of insect flies. I even took our tour guide recommendation, and purchased a fly net, that is like a fine screen net hood, that you slip over your hat and head, and it has an elastic at the base that makes it snug around your neck. This at least prevents the flies from your face, and out of your eyes and ears. There were still quite a few flies around, and since our guide said they were limited in number due to the cool temperatures, I would not like to see what the numbers would be like when they are numerous.

After that, we went to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center, which has lots of information and museum telling the stories of the local Aboriginal people in the area. It also has the normal gift shop to purchase a type of art work the Aboriginals call Dot Painting. They can make elaborate paintings, by using a small brush, and painting just dots very close together to make the pictures. There were even 8 Aboriginals sitting on the floor in various areas of the center actually doing the painting. I couldn’t get any pictures, because taking photos of these Aboriginals is forbidden by the Aboriginal tribe. Something about capturing their souls.

Of course, there is always somebody who can’t follow instructions, and there was a big controversy when a German tourist tried to take their picture. All of the aboriginals started yelling and screaming at her, and although I don’t understand aborigine I can pretty much guess what they were saying wasn’t nice. Their tour guide rushed out of the shop, and they took away her camera, and erased the picture in front of the Aborigines, to show them. They waved their arms indicating that the tourist should leave, and she was made to go back to her bus. I gathered she claimed that she didn’t know, but our guide mentioned the no pictures rule at least 5 times, and there are signs everywhere with a picture of a camera, with a red circle around it, and a red line through that camera, so I’m not sure how she would not have known. I felt a little sorry for her, but hey, my feeling is that this is their country, and if they have some rules, then the guest should follow those rules.

After lunch, we went to visit another set of rock formations called The Olgas (Kata Tjuta). This is a formation of 36 massive rock domes, that to me was more impressive then Uluru. It had rained again, and so there were waterfalls coming off the rocks, and apparently this is so rare to see this, then even our Tour Guide was taking pictures. Then we went over to the bus viewing area, to view the sunset, and we had another Champagne party while we watched the clouds form around the top of Kata Tjuta, while the sunset made beautiful rays through the cloud openings. Afterwards, there was a buffet dinner included.

Tomorrow, we fly off to Cairns, and The Great Barrier Reef.


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