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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Daylight Savings Time? Yeah, I've heard Of That

Hey, I hear that the rest of you “unenlightened” people in the USA went through that Time warp thing that you do twice per year. What’s that called again? Daylight savings time….? Yeah, that’s it. You see, we “Zonies” have opted out of that deal, Nope, not gonna do it, no way. Gonna be a rebel, yup, that’s it, must be that Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday Southwest Cowboy attitude, eh?

Nope. Actually, the reasons that Arizona, and Hawaii for that matter, don’t change our clocks around, was a mystery to me, because I guess I never really thought about WHY the rest of you lunatics do switch your clocks around. Then, the reason why Arizona and Hawaii don’t do it becomes obvious. I still haven’t figured out what the deal is with “Parts Of Indiana” though :-)

See, part of the reason that Arizona doesn’t do it, is….. We don’t want to, because it doesn’t make sense. More on that in a moment. The other reason, is….. geography. If you think about it, the major population centers are The Phoenix, and Tucson metropolitan areas. This area, is known as The Valley Of The Sun, but it also has an interesting alias. It’s also geographically known as….. The Sonoran Desert.

Figured it out yet? Here’s the other hint, as to why DST doesn’t make sense. The reason for changing your clocks, is to give you a time warp, that allows an extra hour of sunshine in the summertime.

Got it now? SIGH….. OK, For the brain dead…..

Phoenix and Tucson Are In The Sonoran Desert.

In The Summertime, The Sun Shines In The Desert….. ALLOT.

DST Gives An Extra Hour Of Sunshine In The Summertime.

Extra sunshine in the summertime? Did somebody say….. Extra sunshine in the summertime? Are you NUTS? We get 300 days of sunshine per year around these parts, already! Guess what..... We don’t WANT any more freaking sunshine in the summertime. We get PLENTY already. I'll bet that No DST participation, makes sense for us Zonies and those Hawaiians, to you now, eh?

Still….. I can’t figure out what's up with those Hoosiers :-)


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