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My personality is outgoing, I use to be a wallflower, until I realized that it was all the outgoing people that were having the most fun. It was a tough conversion, but nobody I know today would even remotely consider me to be a wallflower. Basically, when I was young, my parents taught me that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. I haven't quite found the "anything" part to be always true, but it has inspired me to always try to do, and be, my best.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stuff I Don't Get

Caution: Bitching And Complaining Follows :-)

  • Why is it that when drivers make a left turn, they feel a need to swing their car to the right into my lane, first? What are they driving.... an 18 wheeler?
  • Why is it that Congress seems to be more concerned with banning Gay Marriage, and Flag Burning, then they are about 2500 dead American Soldiers? Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I served 6 years in the US Marines.
  • How come Football Quarterback Ben Rothlisberger apparently thinks it's important to wear a football helmet in case he's run over by a 300 lb lineman, but it's not important to wear a motorcycle helmet in case he's run over by a 3000 lb car? I guess he learned his lesson last week, eh?
  • Why do people back their cars into a parking lot space? It takes the same amount of time backing up, whether you do it on arrival, or departure. The only exception is at sporting events, because people let you in the exit line faster if you're backed into the space.
  • Good thing Congress just got themselves a pay raise of $3,300 each, to bring their salaries to $168,500 per year. Poor babies, in addition to free medical, free dental, and "full pay" retirement, I hope they can "get by" on that amount, seeing how great a job they're doing, representing me this year.
  • I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for someone bitching about gas prices, when they're driving a Hummer @ 8 mpg. FYI, my vehicle gets 23 mpg.
  • Boy...... I'm glad it's Friday, aren't you? :-)


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