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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Australia Day 8 – Cairns - Great Barrier Reef

Yesterday was the check out from the Hotel and the flight over to Cairns. There wasn’t much to say really, so I’ll skip that. Our group is staying at the Hilton, which is right on the waterfront. The view from my balcony, is the bay itself. We took a ship out to the Great barrier reef this morning. The ship first stops at a place called Green Island, then we went on to a floating platform that the company has, right on the edge of the Reef. The ship was a large catamaran, so even though it was one of the fastest ships I’ve ever been on, it was also entirely smooth. The ship can hold ~ 350 passengers, and after we dropped off some people 50 minutes into the trip at green Island, there were ~ 200 of us for the remaining 50 minute trip to the reef.

The Reef is Spectacular. I’ve snorkeled in such exotic locations as Martinique, and Cancun, and I use to think that Cancun was the best snorkeling I’ve even done, but this place is FAR superior. We snorkeled around for ~ 2 hours, then we had a buffet lunch spread that was way better then I thought it would be, then there was another hour of snorkeling before we headed back. I have never seen so many different varieties of Coral, displaying varied colors of green blue, purple, orange red, brown, and several more colors I probably forgot. There were also so many fish in the area, that I thought someone must be throwing food into the water. Nope….. These fish seemed to be pretty much oblivious to us. I’m guessing they have seen us “weird” Human type “Fish” previously. The only ones that seemed to pay me any attention were some fish I named Zebra Fish. I’m sure that wasn’t their real name, but they were snow white, with vertical black stripes, and several of them swam up to me when I snorkeled by and they seemed to be curious more then anything. It was GREAT.

That night we dined at a restaurant called "Rattle 'N" Hum", it was great. You chose your meal from the menu, then went up to the counter where you ordered, they gave you a small pager, and when your meal was ready, you went back and picked it up. From what I’ve heard, this was the happening restaurant in cairns, and the food was delicious. One unusual thing, was the men’s toilet. Yeah, in Australia, they don’t call it a “men’s Room” or a “Bathroom”, it’s a toilet. The doors to the toilets said “Chicks” and “Blokes”. Yes, I figured it out. The urinals were the troughs that I’ve seen around here instead of the individual ones more common in the states, but the unusual thing was, that there was what at first appeared to be a Fish Tank in front of the urinal, with glass, water and plants, until I looked closer…… The toilet room was dimly lit, as well as the restaurant, and when I looked closer through the tank I could see……. Our table in the restaurant. One of the women who suggested I should “Check out the “Unusual” Men’s Toilet” waved at me! Of course, me being the NOT shy person that I am, I waved back. I don’t think anyone could really see much anyway due to the dim lighting :-)

Anyway, that woman at our table, and of course the entire table, thought it was hilarious, and hey, I can take a joke as well as anyone else. Apparently most of the table of 10 or so people had previous knowledge about the men’s toilet “unusual design”, except me of course, so the whole table had a great laugh at my expense, until……. That same woman asked me if I liked the view I gave everyone, and I said…… “It didn’t matter, because that window WASN’T LONG ENOUGH ANYWAY”.


There’s an old saying…… He who laughs last, laughs best. And I didn’t really mind at all having the last laugh, along with the rest of the table :-)


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