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Friday, November 09, 2007

Australia Day 11 – Sydney

Day 10 was a travel day to Sydney. We are staying at the Sheraton And this Hotel is the nicest one of all. All decorations seem to either be in marble, or wood. Very nice.

Today, we took a tour of the city sites of Sydney. We went all around town, seeing such sites as the Royal Botanical gardens, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and Kings cross. We also took the “Group Photo” at the harbor, with the Opera House behind us. I need to scan it into digital, before I post it on my Photo Web Site.

The best part of the Tour was the Opera House. You may know it as the Sydney structure that looks like sails? It turns out that when they made the original design for the roof, there was actually no way to construct it. In other words, it looked good on paper, but was physically unable to be built! The started construction on the Opera House, with no way to put the roof on! They eventually solved that problem, by using a design, that sliced up a circular ball into sections, and used that as a model. The interior is unique, because in each of the 3 halls, there are no roof support columns to obstruct views, the outer walls of the structure bear the entire weight of the roof! One other super treat, was that there was going to be a symphony concert that night, and when we got to the concert hall, the musicians were tuning up, so we got to hear a demonstration of the outstanding acoustics of the Opera House! Too bad they wouldn’t let us stay for the rehearsal.

Afterwards, we toured famous Bondi beach, which from the stories told, appears to be Australia’s version of Malibu California. You know, beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and multi-million dollar homes? All 3 seemed to be true. Afterwards, we took a harbor cruise, where they served us a buffet lunch, and we got to see a perspective of Sydney not available any other way. That night, the group went dor dinner and drinks, and afterwards, a smaller group of us went out dancing. The vacation is coming to an end, AND I’M NOT READY TO GO. Hummmmm, I wonder what the Semiconductor Engineering Employment situation is like here? Just kidding…… Almost :-)


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