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Friday, September 17, 2004

EBAY Is The Way

Guess what? I think I'm getting back into the Jerky Business. Initially, one of the reasons I sort of lost interest in doing it recently, is because doing it manually, it's a lot of work. Cutting up the Beef, and having to be around every 2-3 hours to move the trays around in the Ronco Dehydrator for even drying, was frankly a PITA. Not anymore, I've automated it.

To eliminate the manual slicing, I went on EBAY, and using my "secret technique", I was able to find, and buy a countertop electric slicer..... For only $9.00! when similar models were going for > $80.00. Then I got ANOTHER sweet deal on a High Capacity Dehydrator, that blows forced hot air across all the trays at once, not only reducing the drying time, but eliminating the need to move the trays around, plus, with the unit's timer, I can set it to do it's thing overnight. This one cost me..... $42.90 when similar models on EBAY were going for > $120.00. How come I got them so cheap? The Secret Technique.......

OK OK, I probably will kick myself later for revealing it, but I'll tell ya. The secret of finding good stuff on EBAY is....... People can't spell.

What? Am I nuts? Nope. Ya see, whenever somebody sells an "Item" on EBAY they have to input an "item description". That's also how most people search EBAY, by the Item description (slicer, dehydrator, washing machine, etc), but IF..... IF.... a person was to Mis-Spell the item name, it might NEVER come up on people's searches. Unless........ Oh, I don't know...... Unless........ some "smart person" (cough), was to use the item search first, but also noted the MANUFACTURER'S names, and then do another search on those. THEN they might discover additional items, in which.... For example, the word Dehydrator was spelled DehydraYtor....... or something like that :-) In that case, most people wouldn't see it on their "item search", and there probably wouldn't be too much competition for that item, now would there? Shoot, if that one other "putz" hadn't discovered it, I might have won the dehydrator with my initial $19.99 bid :-) I'm not sure how I got the "Rival" Slicer so cheap though, but who cares :-)

So, anyway, a friend of mine is running some sort of Boutique in November, and she tried my Jerky, and asked me if I would be interested in bagging it up, and selling it through her. I would like to work out the "commission" details, but I think I just might be going into a limited Jerky Making business. I've already taken ~ 10lbs of London Broil out of the freezer, and I'm going to do a test run this weekend, but if someday, I end up being the Jerky King Of The USA, I guess I'll have EBAY (And Of Course, My Friend), to thank for it :-)


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