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Slice Of Life, is a Weblog (BLOG) that I write, in which I try to tell some sort of story about something, or someone in my life. Sometimes it's happy, sometimes not, sometimes informative, sometimes...... HA, gotcha, did ya think that I was going to say not? Don't know me very well, do ya? :=) I will try to update the BLOG from time to time, whenever I can.

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My personality is outgoing, I use to be a wallflower, until I realized that it was all the outgoing people that were having the most fun. It was a tough conversion, but nobody I know today would even remotely consider me to be a wallflower. Basically, when I was young, my parents taught me that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. I haven't quite found the "anything" part to be always true, but it has inspired me to always try to do, and be, my best.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Jerky King

You can call me "Chef Tom" again this week. I'm trying my hand at taking the "Beef Jerky Making" crown away from our resident Champion Jerky Maker, "Hub". I tried to con him out of his recipe by slyly asking questions about my ingredients, but he was too smart for me, and saw right through it. So far, I've made 2 batches. The first batch came out tasting………. Less then desired, although all my taste testers were nice enough not to spit it out immediately (at least not while I was standing there, anyway). Fortunately, I was able to diagnose the incorrect ingredient (drat that stupid internet web recipe), and I substituted "something else" for the second batch, and adjusted the "seasonings" accordingly. The second batch came out much better. I can tell, because on the second batch there were several feedbacks received of "Can I have some more", which was in STARK contrast to the "No, one piece is fine" feedback I got from the first batch. I didn't even have a chance to get a sample to everyone who tasted the first batch, before the second batch was gone! I got a few more feedback suggestions, so I've adjusted the recipe again. Also, I happened to notice in today's Fry's supermarket flier that Bottom Round Beef is on sale this week, so "Hub", if your reading this (I know you are)…… The Gauntlet is hereby thrown down….. Let the competition for "Jerky King" commence!


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