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Slice Of Life, is a Weblog (BLOG) that I write, in which I try to tell some sort of story about something, or someone in my life. Sometimes it's happy, sometimes not, sometimes informative, sometimes...... HA, gotcha, did ya think that I was going to say not? Don't know me very well, do ya? :=) I will try to update the BLOG from time to time, whenever I can.

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My personality is outgoing, I use to be a wallflower, until I realized that it was all the outgoing people that were having the most fun. It was a tough conversion, but nobody I know today would even remotely consider me to be a wallflower. Basically, when I was young, my parents taught me that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. I haven't quite found the "anything" part to be always true, but it has inspired me to always try to do, and be, my best.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

To LASIK Or Not To LASIK, THAT Is The Question

I've been thinking recently of "going under the knife". No, nothing is wrong, and I guess if I had to be more accurate, it wouldn't be "a knife" I go under, it would be.... An eximer laser. See, what's generally not known around here, is that I'm almost blind as a bat. Yes, it's true, I've been doing the "contact lens" thing now for > 20 years, and if you happened to see my 20/500 and 20/600 vision "coke bottles", you would understand why. The lenses got to be so heavy, that the nose bridge was starting to leave dents in my nose. We wouldn't want to mess up this handsome face that way.... Now would we? (HEY! Stop laughing, I see you). Anyway, I've have been considering going forward with the Lasik, but there are a few concerns..... First, I don't NEED it. It's not like someone said, "Do this Tom, or in 6 months you'll be blind", because in that case, it would be a no brainer, "Strap me down, and beam me up Scotty", but that's not the case, and I guess I have an issue with people shooting laser beams into my eyes when I don't need to. Plus, my vision is so bad, I would either need a double correction, or else, else get the latest technology, for a cost of $3K...... Per eye. Since I'm not interested in any $499.95 per eye "discount deal", I'd need to go the expensive route. And I know, they've done thousands, so the chance of problems is 1 in 1000, which is good, unless........ You happen to be "The 1", then it would su..... Ummmmm..... I mean..... stink. On the other hand, sticking pieces of plastic into my eyeballs for > 2 decades can't be good either. Sigh.... I don't know, but I think I need to do more research. In any case, I'll be sure to let you know if I have a moment of temporary insanity and decide to join the Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader/Obi Wan Kenobi..... Laser Gang, sometime in the future. Have a great weekend :-)


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