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Friday, September 03, 2004

The LASIK Experience

So, I went ahead and did it. If you read my posting "To LASIK, Or Not To LASIK", you know that I was considering doing the "Darth Vader" treatment on my eyes. It's done, and...... I LOVE IT!!!!! I chose Barnett Dulaney Perkins Eye Centers. If you're not from around these parts, BDPEC is considered by most in the area as "The Mercedes Benz" of LASIK. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Besides, I'm not interested in some $499.95 coupon on the back of the TV guide. I use a coupon to wash my car, not have surgery on my eyes. Why do they need to offer a coupon anyway, are they not good enough?

So, I go in, and you fill out a bunch of paperwork. Turns out Dr. Dulaney is doing the surgery. GOOD, I don't want any "Interns" putting their hands on my eyes, ya know? And anyway, I looked into these guys backgrounds on the web, and this guy's done boatloads of these, and he seems to know what he's doing. They give me a Demerol for any pain, and get this..... A Valium for.... well who cares what it's for.... eh? My first time for Valium, and you know what..... the stories are true :-)

I kick back in the recliner, woozy out, and then they have the nicest nurses that hold your hand, guide you around when you need to walk, talk nice nice to you, and basically wait on you hand and foot. It's the best part of the procedure so far :-) I get laser'd twice, once to create the flap, and then again for the LASIK. There's no pain during the procedure, but I did have some difficulty focusing on the red dot that you're supposed to look at while they are zapping you, after they peeled back the flap. How can I focus, if I can barely see the durn thing? Minor issue.

So, to make a long story short, zap zap zap, and eye drops given by the gallon. Afterwards, they gave me these cool UV protection goggles to wear while sleeping the first week, so I don't put any pressure on my eye, and they are so cool looking, I'm even going to use them as ski goggles later. I go back the next day for follow up, and despite the routine eye swelling, everything looks perfect. GOOD JOB DOC DULANEY! The local BDPEC eye Doc, says my vision "may" improve slightly, when the swelling goes down (maybe not), but we have already hit my hoped for goal. I didn't expect to go from 20/525 (L) and 20/625 (R) to 20/20, so I was hoping for 20/30 to 20/40. Right now, the left eye is 20/25, and the right eye is 20/30. Even if I get no further improvement with the reduced swelling, I'm MORE then pleased.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I know that you're asking the question..... The worse the eye, the more expensive, but both eyes together, including everything with follow up visits.... $3200.00 out the door. Not bad for a Mercedes IMO :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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September 08, 2004 11:36 AM  
Blogger Castor said...

Thanks for the post here on lasering! I'm going to get mine done in the next couple of months and it's good to hear other stories about the procedure! Link back done!

September 18, 2004 6:33 AM  
Blogger TomH said...

You're welcome. I missed my follow up appt. this week, so I haven't been retested since the swelling went down, but the "Dog Biscut Box" Text, across the living room, that I've been using as an unofficial distance/clarity check from my sofa, "appears to have sharpened a little in thye last week. rescheduled appt for next week. we'll see :-)

September 18, 2004 6:52 AM  

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