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Slice Of Life, is a Weblog (BLOG) that I write, in which I try to tell some sort of story about something, or someone in my life. Sometimes it's happy, sometimes not, sometimes informative, sometimes...... HA, gotcha, did ya think that I was going to say not? Don't know me very well, do ya? :=) I will try to update the BLOG from time to time, whenever I can.

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My personality is outgoing, I use to be a wallflower, until I realized that it was all the outgoing people that were having the most fun. It was a tough conversion, but nobody I know today would even remotely consider me to be a wallflower. Basically, when I was young, my parents taught me that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. I haven't quite found the "anything" part to be always true, but it has inspired me to always try to do, and be, my best.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

My Laptop Has A Nervous Breakdown

So, maybe you heard already, maybe not, but my laptop had a nervous breakdown this week. I powered it up, and it made a funny noise, like when you hit the wrong key, then it went nuts. The noise went "Bonk…. Bonk….bonkbonkbonkbonkbonkbonkbonk". When I took it to the PC repair place, all 3 techs got up to gather round to see the "Thing that they've never seen before"…… NOT a Good Sign. 2 days later, they leave me a message…. "Can you call me please"?, Not….. "Come and get it, it's fixed"….. This is also not a good sign. When I went over there, they said "Complete Registry corruption, we're not supporting that model for the company anymore, so….. We'll have to give you this upgraded, top of the line Centrino, is that O.K."? Ummmm Gee……. I guess I'll just HAVE to suffer through it. And they saved all my Microsoft Office files too! (Whew). Also, they loaded the software to allow me to link my laptop through my Home Cable Modem ISP (With an additional Billion Firewalls added), so now my home setup is a 2.8GHz P4HT, with 1 gig RAM, Radeon Graphics Card, Motorola Surfboard Modem, linked through a 5Gbyte router, hooked through High Speed Cable Internet Modem with wireless connectivity ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR ARRR……….. Whew…… Sorry, I had a testosterone overdose there, it happens anytime I talk about high tech toys….. Or Power Tools…… or machines of any kind. Remind me to tell the story sometime about when I almost electrocuted myself by taking off the back of the television "To see what was inside". I recall that I was 6yrs old at the time. The more things change, the more they stay the same huh?

btw - I uncovered 2 SOL underground fan clubs last week, and get this, both are "outside intel". Since they only get cut/paste of this section, not anything above, it's okeee dokeee with me. So, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome those fans who work for "The Alphabet TV Network", and also to those fans that work for "The only Mouse on Earth that operates a "People Trap". Think about it :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

The Secret Slice Of Life Fan Club

So, it was nice to see all the concern for me last week from "No SOL", thanks. Maybe it was just SOL withdrawal symptoms? Yeah........ You can admit it, I already know. :-) Anyway, there was this really interesting thing that did happen last week. I can't remember the exact details, so for the person involved, my apologies if the details are a bit off (I know you'll read this.... eventually). We were sitting around in the café, an we were talking about recent events that were happening, you know, typical café B.S., when I said something (I don't remember what), that was apparently amusing, and the woman who was sitting with us said "Oh, you should put that in your Slice Of Life". I was stunned....... Mainly because....... This person isn't on my distribution list!!! "Ummmmm", says I, "Just how do you even know about SOL"? Turns out, that I apparently have this Huge...... How can I say it........This huge, Secondary..... Underground...... SOL Fan club! Now, like 'I've said in the past, I have several people on the dis list that don't care beans about anything written above this SOL section, but apparently, my weekly is being forwarded.... and forwarded...... And forwarded...... To this whole network of unknown fans. No problem..... I don't mind..... I'm actually kind of flattered....... (aw shucks), so, if you are a member of this "Secret Society", I just want to take a moment to also welcome you to "The Fold"...... Welcome. Hey.... Maybe that "crazy" idea I had about correlating the ~150 SOL publications that I have into a book..... Maybe might not be so crazy after all..........

Friday, February 06, 2004

Janet's "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Did you see Janet's "performance" at the SuperBowl Halftime? No, I'm not interested in what happened, that's been beaten to death, what was interesting to me was to see the huge difference in character shown afterwards by the participants. When I was in the military, I met up with what could be described as some of the biggest liars on the planet, so my B.S. detector is highly tuned. That whole weasel Timberlake thing about "Wardrobe Malfunction", and then last night him saying "I didn't know anything about it, I'm shocked", wouldn't even fool a moron. If it's one thing that really pisses me off, it's when someone like Timberlake is lying to me... So badly, that not even an idiot would believe it, and even in the face of the obvious, they still maintain innocence, even when they're the only one who believes themselves. In contrast, Janet didn't try to excuse anything, or blame it on somebody else, or try to B.S. everyone with stories about "I didn't know". Nope, she simply stood up publicly, said she messed up, and was very sorry. Let the chips fall where they may. Everybody makes mistakes, the real measure of a person's character, is what you do afterwards. On one hand, one of these people has gained my impression, that they are a low life, lying weasel, interested only in saving their skin, and not to be trusted, while the other, has gained from me something very different........ Respect. I know which one I'd want as my friend.

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